The Big Bang Theory: 18 Annoying Mistakes You Didn't Notice

11. Leonard And Sheldon Live Five Miles Away From The Other Side Of The Street

Apartment Unlike some sitcoms, we know exactly where Leonard, Sheldon and Penny live. The apartment block is situated at 2311 N. Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, California, next to a lamp store, and about a block away from Pasadena City Hall. So it's confusing in "The Recombination Hypothesis" that when Leonard tells Sheldon he was over at the gas station over the road, rather than at Penny's at 3am, he is referring to a location some five miles away. The station in question is name-checked as "The Colorado Boulevard Chevron," which is five miles away from the apartment's address, making it odd that Sheldon didn't pick up on that, when he picks up on Leonard not paying to use the bathroom. That might have something to do with the fact that in "The Countdown Reflection" a satellite image of the block makes it seem a lot like it is actually located at 215 S Madison Ave, which is confusing.

10. None Knows How To Use Salt And Pepper

Salt And Pepper It's the little mistakes that are often the most pleasurably to find at first, but which then stick out like sore, idiotic thumbs when they happen over and over and over again. Now, admittedly it's hard to imagine that any of the Bangers can actually cook (other than Howard's breakfasts and Sheldon's failed eggs experiment) since they spend seemingly thousands of dollars a year on take-out food, but you'd think they could master using salt and pepper. But no. In the cafeteria, the salt and pepper shakers, which are shaken frequently when anyone eats, are in fact grinders, which will do precisely nothing when shaken.

9. Sheldon Is A Genius Who Gets A Worrying Amount Of Things Wrong

Fushion It's very quickly established that Sheldon is a genius, and an infallible one at that - and the moments when he gets things wrong, or is bested mentally by someone he thinks inferior (especially Lesley Winkle) are trumpeted because of their rareness. But over the course of the show's six and a bit seasons, Sheldon has been incredibly wrong on several glaring occasions: he claims (with Amy) that Danishes wouldn't exist if Kopenhagen were flooded, despite the pastry being invented in Vienna; that ears don't cross hemispheres (they do) and claims the sound produced by hitting a wine glass to get everyone's attention is a B Flat, when it is in fact a B. It sounds petty, but when you're dealing with Sheldon's quirks, it pays to adopt his own traits . And occasionally, Sheldon is flat out dumb, ignoring the fact that he could simply call Blizzard customer care to get his hacked WoW items back from Todd Zarnecki, and spelling Fusion as "Fushion" on one of his white boards. And then of course there's the time he's duped by Will Wheaton into accepting that he couldn't attend the Star Trek con because his grandmother had died, despite the fact that he HIMSELF had earlier in the same episode that Wheaton had bailed in order "to be the lower-left corner on Hollywood Squares."

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