Bob's Burgers: Every Halloween Episode Ranked Worst To Best

9. Teen-a Witch (Season 7, Episode 3)

Bob's Burgers Nightmare On Ocean Avenue Street

From the outset, "Teen-a Witch" feels dangerously close to aping King of the Hill's "The Witches of East Arlen." Tina checks out a spell book from the school library in hopes of beating Tammy in the school costume contest, but soon becomes addicted and casts every spell in the book.

Thankfully, things take a (somewhat) unique turn from there. Tina's obligatory goth transformation is weirdly amusing (it's literally just a black shirt), and her shock at the revelation of multiple occultists on the school's staff pokes harmless fun at the prevalence of modern-day witches without going so far as to offend any New Age practitioners in the audience.

Despite the show's semi-original flavoring of themes we've seen before, it still fails to rank among the most memorable Halloween episodes of Bob's Burgers. The jokes don't cut as deep as we should be used to, and librarian Mr. Ambrose overstays his welcome with his annoyingly one-note jokes.

The main saving grace of the episode is the B-story, in which Bob's jack-o'-lanterns keep mysteriously disappearing. That's really the whole joke, but it somehow never goes stale. The B-plot also involves a delightfully kooky scene with Fischoeder, and it's the only one of two Halloween episodes involving the character that really makes the most of Kevin Kline's performance.


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