BoJack Horseman: 10 Worst Things Mr Peanutbutter Has Ever Done

10. Constantly Stealing The Limelight


Kicking things off with a recurring incident, Mr Peanutbutter frequently steals the limelight from those around him. Whether these are deliberately malicious acts concealed by his charming personality or whether he really is that oblivious is still up for debate, but as BoJack says, ‘not understanding you’re a horrible person doesn’t make you any less of a horrible person’.

Mr Peanutbutter is outrageously self centred, but very rarely gets called on it. On the rare occasions when he does, it’s often by BoJack or Diane going over the top, so he retains sympathy within the BoJack universe.

He got his first job by ‘accidentally’ walking onto a closed set and vamping in front of the camera, then wedges himself into BoJack’s spotlight for most of his career. It’s completely understandable that BoJack wouldn’t want him anywhere near Philbert.

Though his professionalism is higher than usual on the detective drama, he does still gobble up all the attention. First off by buying the crew onside (genuinely nice, or just manipulative?), then after Bea dies. With BoJack finally coming to terms with his mother’s death, Mr Peanutbutter loudly realises his own parents died years ago, stealing any comfort which may have come BoJack’s way.


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