BoJack Horseman Season 6: 7 Things It Must Do

BoJack Horseman is returning to Netflix next year, but what needs to happen when it does?


Netflix recently announced that BoJack Horseman has been renewed for its sixth season, and in all honesty it's a surprise it took them this long. Considered to be one of if not the best Netflix Original the streaming service has to offer, the show was never a risk for the chopping block despite the spate of cancellations on the platform.

Though Season 5 perhaps didn't quite hit the heights of Season 4, it was still a fantastic season of television and brought us the spectacularly written Free Churro. BoJack has always been a show to keep the plot moving forward too, unlike many animated shows which wrap up in 22 minutes and end back where they started. Because of this, the ending to Season 5 placed a few characters at a crossroads for where to go next season.

The show likely won't be back on our screens until the third quarter of 2019, and while news of the renewal was expected, it's still heightened fan anticipation for the next season. The show has proven itself time and time again of being able to blend comedy with gritty storylines and detailed characterisation. Season 6 should be no different.


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