Breaking Bad: 10 Reasons Why It’s The Best Show in T.V History

A bold claim, I know, but allow me to present you with ten arguments to back it up.

I€™m going to hold my hands up right now and say that I was a latecomer to Breaking Bad. Series 4 was complete before I decided to sit down to see what all the fuss was over, but in many ways, I€™m glad I waited. For those of you out there who watched weekly, I don€™t know how you managed to stand the waiting. It€™s like a meal for the subconscious, and I guarantee if you€™re a fan, you€™ve lain awake well into the night more than once thinking about what you witnessed on Breaking Bad hours earlier. It€™s not often that such a complex show comes along; a show that defies your expectations of what€™s right and wrong, who€™s good or bad. Even Game of Thrones, whose unique selling point is its vast range of ambiguous characters, has its good guys and its bad guys, although they may not be strictly conventional. But who€™s the good guy in Breaking Bad? Walter White? I wouldn€™t want to be anywhere near him in reality, nor Jessie Pinkman. Was Gustavo a bad guy, really? I mean he was, of course, but was he really that much worse than Walter? It has everything; drama, humour, guns, explosives, lies and secrets, tension, intrigue, ultra-violence and tenderness. For me, Breaking Bad is probably the best show not just on T.V, but in the history of T.V. It's a bold claim, I know, but allow me to present you with ten arguments to back it up and to celebrate Breaking Bad Season 4's DVD release on October 1st.
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