Breaking Bad: 10 Worst Things Jesse Pinkman Has Ever Done

9. Dissolving A Body

Breaking bad

Jesse only rarely gets involved in the rough stuff in Breaking Bad, and with one major exception which we’ll cover, we can generally get behind him when he does so. His killing of Todd in the final episode is indeed one of the most triumphant moments of the show, but for the most part, he’s less than inclined to get violent, maturing into something of a peacemaker.

Season one’s Jesse, however, has few qualms about dissolving a man’s body in a bathtub. Sure, he’s not exactly jumping at the chance to carry out this revolting wetwork, but he finds it far less distasteful a chore than the job Walter gets assigned (which in fairness is outright murder).

Jesse sets about the task more like a stroppy teenager than a man having to cover the tracks of a recent killing. He’s given a very specific set of instructions from Walter, then drags himself round the hardware store in a huff. He cuts corners, fails (not for the last time) to respect the science behind his mentor’s methods, and winds up causing one of the most gruesome scenes in TV as the acid rots through the ceramic bathtub and deposits the half-pulped body in the corridor. Not his proudest moment.

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