Breaking Bad: 10 Worst Things Walter White Has Ever Done

Meth, murder and manipulation.


Since first hitting screens all the way back in 2008, Breaking Bad has become universally loved, and a consensus pick in any conversation about the greatest shows in the history of TV. While there are so many reasons for the its popularity, one of the key aspects is undoubtedly the character it is all based around - Walter White.

The mild mannered high school chemistry teacher, whose life is turned upside down when he is diagnosed with cancer, transitions into a completely different man by the time the credits roll on the last episode of season five. By the time he is caught and surrounded by the police, there is nothing left of Walter White. Instead Heisenberg has grown from a pseudonym to the character's entire personality.

Though Walt's intentions were good when he first contacted Jesse Pinkman, in order to make and maintain the eventual millions of dollars he would produce, he had to become someone truly awful, with absolutely no hint of a conscience.

On his way to becoming the kingpin of an enormous drug empire, Walter White became someone with no problem killing, manipulating, or endangering others, so long as it protected his own self interests.

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