Breaking Bad: 10 Worst Things Walter White Has Ever Done

10. He Made And Distributed Crystal Meth


When Walter White was diagnosed with lung cancer the day after his 50th birthday, naturally he started contemplating the future. Though he has a brilliant mind and is incredibly over-qualified for his chemistry teaching job, bad decisions and mistakes in the past have left him with virtually nothing to leave Skyler, Walt Jr. and their soon to be born daughter, Holly.

Turning to his former student Jesse Pinkman for help, the two start cooking crystal meth as a way for Walt to make sure his family will be stable once the cancer takes him. At the start of this project, Walt's magic number was $777, 000. A figure large enough to make sure the family never had to worry about grocery money, could continue the mortgage payments, and send both kids to college.

Of course it wasn't that easy for Walt, who had to keep pouring more and more money into his venture to make any meaningful cash, and only found himself sinking deeper and deeper into the double life of a drug lord.

None of the following things on this list would have ever happened if Walt had not joined Hank on that drive along and began cooking with Jesse Pinkman.

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