Breaking Bad: 5 Loose Threads The Finale Left Hanging

Breaking Bad Felina The much-anticipated finale episode of Breaking Bad, "Felina" (an anagram of "Finale", and a reference to the Marty Robbins tape in Walt's glovebox) has finally aired, setting ratings records for the AMC network and providing a solid and satisfying resolution to the sordid tale of Walter White. This last episode was an extremely efficient machine, structured in the manner of a checklist of obstacles that Walt must overcome in order for him to die. Intimidate his ex-business partners into laundering his money? Check! See his wife and kids one last time? Check! Kill everyone that has crossed him? Check! However well Walt achieved his objectives, there are nonetheless numerous plot threads left unresolved by the end of the series. Some of these are unavoidable due to the fact the final episode is strictly from the P.O.V of Walt, so there are certain things he naturally wouldn't be concerned about. But as a dedicated viewer of a series, especially one with such an interconnected plot like this one, we naturally want to know what happened to everyone in it, not just Walt. Here's five of the most pressing questions left in the wake of the Breaking Bad ending.
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