Breaking Bad: 5 Loose Threads The Finale Left Hanging

5. What Happened To Brock?

Breaking Bad Brock With the massive buildup the show gave the character of Brock via his function as a major plot device (the reveal of Walt's poisoning of Brock was the cliffhanger to the end of Season 4, and he was also a convenient way for the Nazis to control Jesse), it's surprising that Brock's fate was totally ignored in the final episode. Previously, we saw his mother Andrea killed on the steps of his house. Surely he still can't be living in the same place? We don't even know where he is at this point, although one hopes some relative came to care for him after his mother's murder. But if not, he could even be in an orphanage. As a general rule, kids on this series do tend to end up with grisly fates. Remember the unfortunate Drew Sharp (aka Kid on Bicycle With Spider in Jar)? The ever eager-to-please Todd blew him away without a moment's hesitation for witnessing the methylamine heist. Then there's the poor 11-year old meth-dealing kid who gets himself killed by rival dealers in "Half Measures." Hopefully Brock manages to avoid these fates, but he's already luckier than the majority of people in the Breaking Bad universe for one major reason: he's the only character in the series to have gone up against Heisenberg toe-to-toe and survived the ordeal. Think of the bragging rights that could give him in the school playground! For this reason alone, I have to imagine that Brock will be just fine.
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