Breaking Bad: 5 Reasons Why Ozymandias Is The Greatest Episode Yet

Breaking Bad Before reading any further, this article will contain several spoilers, so if you haven't caught up to this point then prepare for numerous details to be revealed about Breaking Bad's latest installment. So it's Monday morning and along with my morning tea, it's a good time to sit down, put Netflix on and watch the latest episode of the greatest TV show ever made. However this Monday was very different, an episode which almost made me spit my tea out in shock with my jaw dropped at an episode full of twists and turns. Ozymandias, episode 14 of the fifth-and-last season of Breaking Bad, has scored a perfect 10/10 from trusted movie and TV reviews IMDb. This is hugely impressive in itself, but even more-so when it is considered that over 23,000 reviewers contributed to this perfect score (as of 19 September). Here are five reasons why Ozymandias is the greatest episode of Breaking Bad yet, and provides a thrilling potential for the show's finale in less than two weeks time.

5. Walt Jr. Finally Learning About His Dad

Breaking Bad White Family

It was only a matter of time before Walt Jr. (or Flynn, as he is sometimes known) found out about his Dad's criminal activities, but how, when and why were three questions pondered by viewers everywhere. This particular storyline has finally concluded, with Skyler being forced to tell all to her oblivious son - to which he responds by bouncing off the walls and telling the sisters they are crazy. Another great aspect of this scene is Maria's authoritative manner when walking into the car wash and demanding to speak to Skyler in her office. Now that Flynn has learned who his Father really is, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to any future endeavours and how he will treat his Mother after this, and whether he'll snap out of this stereotypical, teenage "screw you" attitude which has featured in preceding episodes. Being fair, his role model is in fact a drug-making, murdering, daughter-kidnapping, cancer-suffering criminal - how would that feel?!

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