Breaking Bad: 8 Things That Need To Happen In The Last 8 Episodes

In order to give the show the ending it deserves, these eight things must happen.

I€™ve written on this site before about my love for Breaking Bad. In my mind it is already an American classic, a sprawling crime epic comparable to the best of cinema and great literature. My problem with Breaking Bad, however, is that I€™m addicted. Like one of the shows lovable drug addled characters desperate for €˜a bit of the blue€™, I crave new episodes and I€™m not sure how I€™m going to last the year long gap for a fix. Therefore, to tide me over I have prepared this list of things I believe must happen in the final eight episodes in order to give the show the ending it deserves. Spoilers ahead for those unfortunate enough not to watch this show or who haven€™t caught up on the most recent episode.

1. Hank Stays Good

The last (half) season of Breaking Bad ended with Hank finally working out that his meek brother in law is actually the greatest drug kingpin in the south, the legendary Heisenberg. For me, the worst direction that the show could take here would be for Hank to join Walt€™s cover up. So far the show has played out as almost the reverse of the typical hero story with the antagonist, Hank, taking the traditional path of a police hero. Hank has doggedly pursued the €˜evil€™ drug dealers, defeated dangerous members of the cartel and recovered from an injury that would have left lesser men permanently bed ridden. Surely the perfect end to Hank€™s story would be to allow him to be the man who brings Heisenberg to justice? He may hesitate, he may have a couple of episodes worrying about the fate of Holly and Walter Jnr, he may try to run away from his responsibility but ultimately Hank must stay on the righteous path. For him to do anything less would undermine the rest of his story arc. The ideal scenario for me would be for the next half season to begin with Hank coming straight out of the toilet and confronting Walt man to man (but away from his family) giving him the chance to run before he chases him, forcing Walt to show his Heisenberg persona to Hank for the first time. I think that this would neatly establish the conflict for the rest of the season and set up the confrontation that has been brewing ever since the pilot episode of the show.

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