Breaking Bad Cast: Where Are They Now?

14. Steven Michael Quezada

Breaking Bad

Though he's probably not the first actor that comes to mind when picturing Breaking Bad stars, Steven Michael Quezada actually played an integral role in the series as Hank Schrader's long-suffering and fiercely loyal partner Gomez.

The longest serving recurring actor on the show, Quezada was a great addition to the fold and gave a memorable performance throughout his tenure, so much so that Gilligan brought him back for a recent guest spot in Better Call Saul.

Following Breaking Bad's conclusion, Quezada's career took a bit of a left-turn. He continued to work on TV and in a handful of movies - including Rob Zombie's recent thriller 3 From Hell - but he also pursued a career in politics.

Serving as a commissioner on the Albuquerque school board since 2013, Quezada has kept very busy with small acting roles, his political aspirations, and by occasionally performing stand-up comedy on a cruise line.


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