Breaking Bad’s 8 Biggest “Holy S--t!” Moments Thus Far

breaking-bad-season-four It€™s all coming to an end. Walter White€™s transition from down and out, sympathetic protagonist to sociopathic antagonist is reaching its conclusion, and the mid-season finale might have even suggested that it might come full circle after seeing Walt finally give up his empire. Could there be a bit of redemption in store for the once loving family man, turned megalomaniacal drug kingpin? Who knows? Vince Gilligan and co. might even tug at our heart strings even more by making us believe in Walt€™s goodness once again. It€™s a stretch to imagine it happening like that, or is it? At this point trying to figure out how the series is going to end, and what€™s going to happen to the characters can result in one spending hours just arguing with themselves trying to figure it out. One thing is certain €“ throughout the previous five and a half seasons of Breaking Bad the show has had no shortages of intense moments. The instances where you can€™t check Facebook, Twitter, or any pretty much any other social media platform without seeing the same response flooding your timeline. That reaction is the simple, yet potent, €œHoly s--t!€ Sometimes it will be hashtagged #BreakingBad, sometimes it will have an infuriating spoiler (because you were working late, and were DVRing that night€™s episode). Whatever the case, whether you are watching in real time or not, once you see €œHoly s--t!€ it€™s not hard to decipher the magnitude of events that just happened on Breaking Bad. If you've been watching the series since the beginning, cramming seasons on Netflix to prepare for the premiere, or even just seen random commercial spots promoting the new season there is a strong chance that you yourself have yelled, €œHoly s--t!€ So in anticipation of the final eight episodes of the series here is my collection of the eight biggest €œHoly s--t!€ moments that have happened so far in Breaking Bad. Boiling it down to just eight is no easy task, and this list might not include the moments that made you yell, €œHoly s--t!€ so if I've omitted anything that elicited this reaction from you, go and ahead and mention it the comments. Now, let€™s get started. Oh, and yes, there will be FULL SPOILERS from here on out.
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