Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Best Episodes Ranked

The Nine-Nine Episodes That Are Loved As Much As Terry Loves Yoghurt.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most beloved shows going today, which is clear from the fact that the internet practically went into meltdown after it was briefly cancelled. Lucky for us though, it found a new home on NBC, meaning the exploits and shenanigans of our favourite police squad were able to continue.

The best thing about Brooklyn, is that while it never ceases to be insanely funny, it is not afraid to tackle serious issues with humility and sincerity. Something they manage to do through its incredibly talented and diverse cast.

The question is though, which of the show’s episodes are best? This is a really difficult question to answer, as realistically there isn't a bad one in all of the 143 that have currently aired. Each season produces more quotable lines and memorable moments than most shows do in their entire run. From "noice" to "toit", those who don't love Brooklyn are few and far between.

Yet, while there may not be a bad episode, there are some that stand head and shoulders above the rest and make us shout "NINE-NINE" that little bit louder.

10. Return Of The King

Brooklyn Nine Nine

The A-plot for this episode sees the grand return of Gina Linetti which is more than enough to explain why it makes this list. While she was able to bring her unique flare to the precinct, it wasn’t until she left to form the fabled “G-Hive”, that Gina was able to spread her wings and embrace her true self. This is best exemplified by her telling Buddha, Confucius, and Jesus to "suck it", because while her "Gina-mandments" are like the ten-commandments, there is actually "more of them and they’re better".

The B-plot is just as solid, with Nikolaj accidently solving an equation in a ‘Good Will Hunting’ type scenario. This sees Captain Holt attempting to mentor Boyle’s son, but not before chastising Charles for failing Niko as a father. The best part of this is Holt’s tirade against Niko’s love of cartoon classes. What would it mean if Einstein had been more concerned with creating Garfield than with determining relativity? “Did he hate Monday’s? We’ll never know!”

The best part of this episode though, comes when Gina gets stabbed in the back. While this isn’t something you’d normally laugh at, Gina’s response is just so casual you can’t help it. Then, as she slowly slides into shock, she starts singing random high notes and repeatedly stating how weird it is to say, “there is a knife in my back”. This episode gives us the purest version of Gina Linetti we have ever seen, and it is absolutely fantastic.


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