Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 TV Characters Who Would Make A Great Assistant To Captain Holt

Captain Holt has been without an assistant for far too long and there are several great candidates.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become one of the most reliably funny shows on TV. It survived cancellation on one network and continued to produce comedy gold on another. But that doesn't mean there haven't been a few unanswered questions left on the table.

This includes moments like Holt and Kevin talking about having a proper wedding ceremony and never following through. Another one was the mysterious Detective Daniels who only appeared in the pilot. The biggest hole in the series right now relates to Holt's current assistant, or lack thereof.

After Gina Linetti left, there was a brief search for her replacement that resulted in a spy for then Commissioner Kelly being hired at the 99. When that issue was resolved, it was never followed up on after that. As it stands right now, Captain Holt does not have an assistant which seems kind of odd.


If Holt is still hiring, there are more than a few TV characters who would make an excellent assistant for him. Well, they wouldn't necessarily be good at the job but they would be funny while they did it and that's what matters in the end.


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