Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode Quiz: Two Truths And One Lie

Can you remember the episode and guess which statement is a big lie?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It would be fair to say that there are plenty of television series' centred about police stations and police officers. It would also be fair to say that most of them are comedies. But when it comes to the intersection of these genres, the only series that comes to mind is the hilarious comedy show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It's worth noting that the humour in this series is on top. Of course, this is not a transcendental unattainable height, and sometimes the script lines broadcast quite predictable jokes, but still, for the most part, the viewer is presented with a solid, not at all eschewing subtleties and humour. And of course, talking about the brilliant characters is even redundant.

Despite the difference in their psych types at work, all of them are united by the feeling of a firm shoulder and elbow, the feeling of one team, one family. Yet, when it comes to rivalry for the sake of personal ambitions, they are all on their own.

Throughout the series fans watch them work, play and have fun and each episode has its own zest. But only a true fan will spot the lie between three statements about each episode. Are you SMORT enough to remember everything?

1. The Tagger


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