Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

From Jake Peralta to The Vulture, Rosa Diaz to Doug Judy, who's the best character in B99?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Amy Santiago

A TV sitcom is only as good as its ensemble cast. If the characters aren't up to scratch, the whole thing is going to sink regardless of the high quality writing or solid humour.

Luckily, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has one of the best sitcom ensembles of recent years, featuring some of the genre's most iconic and instantly recognisable characters.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show with no weak link, though like all shows some characters are far more entertaining and compelling than others. And on a show made up of such a wide array of oddball detectives, charming criminals and corrupt antagonists, it's a tough job deciding between the show's weakest and strongest elements.

For the following list - with the show's final season on the horizon - we're taking a trip down memory lane and figuring out how Brooklyn Nine-Nine's many characters stack up next to each other. From the brilliantly emotionless Captain Holt to the unstable madness of Adrian Pimento, here are all of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's major characters ranked worst to best.

This article contains spoilers.

14. Michael Hitchcock

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Amy Santiago

Though for some it may be considered sacrilege to split up Hitchcock and Scully, there can be no denying that Hitchcock is the pair's weakest character. Though, yes, they work very well together, Hitchcock doesn't have the general innocence and likability of his best friend and partner.

The problem with Hitchcock, despite his occasionally funny moments and genuinely hilarious backstory, is that on a show that prides itself on progressive representation, Hitchcock sticks out like a sore thumb.

Throughout the show, he's been portrayed as sleazy, casually sexist and creepy, spending time in the woman's bathroom, happily stripping in the office and asking inappropriate questions at the most inopportune moments.

Sure, with Scully he's a goofy mess, but away from his longtime partner he's a bit of an unnecessary contrast to the show's themes, and it can get really distracting.


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