Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

13. Madeline Wuntch

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Amy Santiago

Though Wuntch wasn't around for as long as many fans would have liked, when she was she was an absolute joy. Played brilliantly by Kyra Sedgwick, her feud with former partner Holt and their endlessly inventive insults always offered the highest levels of comedy.

If that wasn't enough, Wuntch was also one of the very few people who could get under Holt's otherwise unflappable skin and beat him when they played politics. Even in death, she put a plan in motion to see Holt embarrass himself and potentially harm his career.

Wuntch was cunning as the devil, eccentric, cold and ingenious, and to see her taken from us so soon was a real kick in the teeth. After all, who could ever forget those weird full body searches? Simply hysterical every time.


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