Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Rosa Diaz Or April Ludgate?

You don't want to mess with these two!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Parks & Rec

If you're searching for an upbeat, positive character on TV, then your safest bet would be to check out the most popular sitcoms. Of course, the purpose of a comedy show is to make viewers laugh, so there's a sugary sweetness to most of their characters, full of wholesomeness, goofiness and charm. But, when it comes to these two, they must have missed that memo.

Rosa Diaz and April Ludgate are delightful pieces of their respective shows, as they bring in something very few characters can; a sense of edge. They're both outspoken, anti-social and prone to dark gags, which quickly turned them into fan favourites.

You'll struggle to find two characters that make viewers giggle and quake in their boots better than Rosa and April. Whether they're insulting people, proclaiming their distaste for something, or even threatening to hurt their peers, they've always got something to say.

However, you'd be easily mistaken in mixing their dialogue up, thanks to their similarities. Read these quotes in either of their voices, and it will sound right as rain, so only the truest of fans can score high on this quiz.

1. "You Can Hate People And Still Think They’re Hot."


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