Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Finish These Jake Peralta Quotes

Noice, smort, cool cool cool...

Jake Peralta

The hugely popular sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine started in 2013 and follows a group of NYPD detectives as they solve crimes, deal with perps, fall in love, get fired and unfired, and so on. The show takes on a very similar structure as The Office, which took a fairly simple work setting and made it one hell of a fun place to work.

Among the main cast is Jake Peralta, the fun loving man-child who loves his job. Jake, played by Andy Samberg, always finds time to make a joke or have the most fun possible in any situation, while simultaneously doing his job expertly and often being the best detective in the squad.

Peralta quickly develops a romance with his co-worker Amy Santiago, as well as a weird father-son relationship with his boss Raymond Holt. The chemistry between these characters is hilarious and never fails to feel natural and fresh, thanks hugely to the cast behind these lovable characters.

When it comes to character chemistry however, nothing comes close to Jake and his best friend Charles Boyle, who always have fun together and make each other, and us, laugh along the way.

Can you finish these Jake Peralta quotes?

1. "I Wasn't Hurt That Badly. The Doctor Said All My Bleeding Was ____."


A grown up... allegedly