Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Who Said It - Rosa, Amy Or Gina?

Can you recall who said “Every Time You Talk, I Hear That Sound That Plays When Pac-Man Dies.”


Brooklyn Nine-Nine featured three incredibly strong female main characters in Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz and Gina Linetti. Although all were wildly different in their personalities, all three of the top ladies from the 99 precinct carried immense screen presence. We couldn't help but enjoy watching them have countless memorable moments over the course of the show's 147 episodes.

Sadly, Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended on September 16th last year and no more episodes will be made. Still, we should celebrate the episodes we have and not mourn the ones we may have lost from undoubtedly a premature cancellation (and not for the first time with this show).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was co-creator Michael Schur's second spiritual successor to The Office (the first being the equally enjoyable Parks and Recreation) and it immediately took the place of the most entertaining thirty minutes of television sitcom insanity on our screens when it debuted in 2013 (the same year the Dunder Mifflin saga ended).

There wasn't a bad episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine but how much can you really remember about the female characters from the show and their most memorable quotes?

Take our quiz below and don't forget to check out the answers at the end to see how you did.

1. “A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name Is Hell. You’re Describing Hell.”


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