Brooklyn Nine-Nine: You'll Never Get 100% On This Captain Rosa Quiz!

The impossible Brooklyn 99 quiz - How well do you really know Rosa Diaz?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Rosa

A role well played by Stephanie Beatriz, Rosa Diaz, is one of the best characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Her role is portrayed as a very secretive, smart, and scary woman. She is hilarious and a very loyal cop. Although she is a badass female detective, above all else, she always supports the ones she loves the most. She is highly secretive about her personal life and normally keeps quiet, giving out death threats to anyone who discover her secrets.

Rosa had a very tough past. She got kicked out of her home and also ballet school. This is what made her very persistent. Thus, she learned to fix her problems and be on her own. Nevertheless, Rosa has proven what a fantastic friend she is time and time throughout the series.

She loves the fact that no one knows anything about her, and we are here to test just how much you know about her. How well do you remember Rosa Diaz? If you are a true Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Rosa Diaz fan, you will ace this quiz.

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Rosa's Secret Job?


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