Brooklyn Nine-Nine: You'll Never Score 100% On This Gina Linetti Quiz

Brooklyn 99 Quiz - Hardest Gina Linetti Quiz On The Internet!


With seven seasons and 143 episodes in the bag already, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a series that stands out as one of the great TV sitcoms of its time. And even better for the ever-growing fan base of this show, an eighth season will soon be on the way.

Like so many similar sitcom greats, part of the charm of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the brilliant array of core characters at the centre of this small-screen offering. While everyone has their own personal favourite of the bunch, many a Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan has a major soft spot for the antics of Gina Linetti.

Chelsea Peretti’s Gina may have now sadly departed the series, but there’s still hope that we’ll see this narcissistic, phone-obsessed dancer one day return to the 99th Precinct at some point down the line. If you’re one of those hoping to see Gina become a regular part of the show again, chances are you’ll likely consider yourself to be quite the expect on this fan favourite character.

Here, there’s a quiz that even the biggest Brooklyn Nine-Nine die-hards will struggle with – with only someone with the confidence of Gina herself able to stand a chance of getting anywhere close to 100% on this one!

1. What Star Sign Is Gina?


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