Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Most Hated Episodes

Buffy wasn't always so beloved. Sometimes it was outright awful and upset fans.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Beer Bad
Mutant Enemy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the greatest shows of all time. Buffy's adventures with her friends took them on some dramatic rollercoaster journeys and they met some super scary monsters along the way.

Obviously, like every show, with so much going on, it's not always going to be able to hit consistent highs and is expected to lull occasionally. In Buffy's case, there were plenty of episodes that weren't quite up to the iconic status of the rest and there were a lot of episodes that missed the mark.

Over seven seasons there was a lot to get fans wound up and cause controversy for the Scoobies; some seasons more than others. Sometimes reasons for hating an episode might be that it's pointless filler or it could be an extreme moment in the larger plot of the show.

While this list counts some of the most notorious episodes in Buffy's history, there's still things to enjoy in them... maybe... or maybe not.

10. Into The Woods

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Beer Bad
Mutant Enemy Productions

Into the Woods came mid-season five, and while it's very dull, it should be remembered for doing the best thing in Buffy history: It got rid of Riley Finn. FINALLY!

The worst part of this episode though, and the thing that makes it so hated is the way Buffy chases after Riley at the end. She's a strong independent woman and she doesn't need him. Riley blamed Buffy for every single thing that went wrong with their relationship but she had her own life to deal with - her mother is ill, she's suddenly got a sister who magically appeared and there's a big bad God terrorising the town. Meanwhile Riley is being all dark and moody and sneaking off to vampires behind Buffy's back to get his blood sucked.

Riley was only ever rebound from Angel and audiences mostly could never relate to him and hated Buffy being with him so this episode was a catch 22. It was good to see him go, but also broke Buffy's character by having her chase after him like she did. It's a very good job she was too late to stop him.

The way he didn't even look back proved that he was never worthy of her attention in the first place. Bye Felicia!


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