Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Most Hated Episodes

9. Doublemeat Palace

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Mutant Enemy

Doublemeat Palace was a Buffyverse spin on the legend of Sweeney Todd. We all know about the Demon Barber whose victims ended up in meat pies and this episode found Buffy working in a fast food restaurant, which appeared to be serving burgers made of human meat.

The episode had a surreal tone with quirky, campy humour, eccentric characters and a concept that knew its inspiration and played to it well. The only problem was that it didn't quite fit in with the overall tone of the sixth season.

Yes, it played on Buffy's need to get a real job and be a real grown up but other than that the strange, uneasy feeling of something being off in the restaurant, it felt somewhat jarring. The season had been so dark that this comedic episode hit hard and left audiences disorientated.

The conclusion was the weirdest part though. It's finally revealed that there's no big sinister plot to serve people as burgers, and instead the little old lady who comes in every day has a worm-like alien growing out of her head that spits poison and then eats its incapacitated victims.

It's a surreal episode that jumps all over the place. Despite it being so hated, it's still one of the better episodes that still deserves some love for trying something new.


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