Buffy The Vampire Slayer Or Angel: Which TV Series Is The Demon From?

I think it's M'fashnik, like, "Mmm, cookies!".

Davric Demon Angel
Mutant Enemy

Demons, demons everywhere! Well, almost.

Across a combined twelve seasons of television, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel pitted their titular heroes against uglies of every shape and size, from your run of the mill vampires right through to a colourful variety of Old Ones. And, given this was back in the days before CGI ruled all, the majority of these were brought to life by a skilled production team, a dedicated actor and some next-level prosthetics.

Whether Giles was hitting the books, Doyle was hitting the streets, or Spike was being hit by everything around him, the demons of Sunnydale and LA often proved the central focus of the shows' episodes and seasons, providing metaphysical, supernatural and moral quandaries that tested – and killed – their fair share of major characters.

Remember when The Gentlemen stole everyone's voices, Gachnar brought a house party's greatest fears to life, The Beast ushered in a city-wide darkness and Illyria stopped time. But do you remember what kind of demon these spooks, creeps and cretins were? Or which show they appeared on?

Put your knowledge of the Buffyverse to the test with 15 demons that will have you lunging for your spell books.

1. Vengeance Demon


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