Burn Notice: 2 Clues As To Who Will Die In The Finale

2. The Promo Funeral

Burn Notice During the promo (see below) we see the funeral. First of all, it depicts a military funeral of sorts. I believe that this could discount Fiona (who I believe can be seen sitting alongside Paul Tei's Barry), it also should discount Madeline Westen leaving in a casket. Michael Westen was a spy for the United States, a member of the CIA and former Army Ranger with the 3rd Ranger Battalion. He enlisted in the United States Army at the age of 17 and served in Special Forces. After a stint in the Army Combat Applications Group, Michael became a Covert Intelligence Operative for the CIA, eventually graduating to a high level field agent. With a cast like this, Michael would has a military funeral but he is not the only one. Sam Axe served over twenty years as a U.S. Navy SEAL and eventually retired with full benefits at the rank of Commander, he too would have a funeral of this calibre. Jesse Porter was formerly a Counterintelligence Field Activity agent but due to him being burned he would not be the one being buried. This leaves Sam Axe or Michael Westen as the two most likely candidates.
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