Burn Notice: 3 Questions Left To Answer

Bn S7 Promos With mere hours to go until part one of the sure-to-be heartbreaking Burn Notice finale, I can barely contain myself. This is one show I have had the pleasure of watching from the very beginning and have stuck around to see it all unfold, so I am beyond excited for whatever the finale may hold. Sadly, I lack any sort of insider knowledge. I am just hoping to meet a few other Burners to help me deal with the seemingly endless wait between this week and next, and the void that the end of one very special television family will leave. Please be advised for anyone who is not up to date, there is a complete spoiler warning in effect.

3. Will Michael Choose Fiona Or Sonya?

Bn Sea Change The promo for what is to come shows Michael, Fiona and Sonya in a tense gun battle on a rooftop in the upcoming penultimate episode Sea Change. While I still have a lot of trouble imagining Michael would pick anyone over Fi, this last season has done its best to shake our faith in that relationship. Fiona has made it clear they are done, not once but twice, and we see him growing to care about Sonya steadily over this season. As Fiona reminded him, it hasn't all been a lie, and Michael's own voice-over admitted his feelings for Sonya. On the flip side, starting a new relationship is a far cry from letting one's new girlfriend gun down the love of your life, no matter the cost, right? I like Sonya. I also feel sorry for her. She is, at her core, very much Michael minus his pals. She gave everything up to follow what she believed in most, a noble goal no matter the outcome. I hope it does not come down to Michael or Fiona having to kill her, but all the same, I am in the Mike and Fi forever camp. I really do hope to see Michael and Fiona back together before things wrap up on the 12th. After all, the opening credit sequence still says "trigger-happy girlfriend" this season, that cannot be just false hope.
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