Burn Notice: 3 Questions Left To Answer

2. Who Wins The Battle Of Good Versus Evil?

The boundaries on this one have never been murkier. James, for all his faults, has the same fierce loyalty our crew of protagonists displays above all else, and the CIA was willing to work with our favorite psychopath Simon. It is easy to see why Michael has been sent over the edge and is questioning everything. With everything Michael has worked for now in shambles, he was left utterly decimated the last time we saw him. Usually an emotional Michael channels his frustrations into a new problem. Fresh out of objectives, and believing he has abandoned everyone, where will he find that new goal to push off his feelings? And most importantly, what will happen if he does not find it? The moral tightrope that Michael has walked since long before he ever heard "We got a Burn Notice on you..." has frayed and snapped. While he has always believed in doing bad things for good reasons, and this year has really put that moral philosophy to the test, and now he must rediscover what those good reasons are. While I have no doubt his family and friends are willing to offer an answer counter to James's, it does feel like it might just be too late for Michael to listen.
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