Burn Notice: 4 Reasons Why It’s Right To End

11 Beware, spoilers from the start. Burn Notice is finally coming to an end on September 12th. Don't get me wrong, for I am an avid fan of the series, it is easily one of my favourite shows currently on television, I do not want the series to end due to my own selfish reasons, but I do believe it is the right decision by the staff, it is better to go out strong rather than fade away. Matt Nix's series idealises a contemporary take on action vehicles of the 90's, such as The A-Team and MacGyver, and has proved immensely popular with the series still competing strongly in the ratings table. Burn Notice follows Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), a wrongly discredited spy, trying to figure out why he was 'burned' by the CIA and who was behind it, teamed with his on-off girlfriend and gun runner Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar), ex-navy seal Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) and later on, a man who Michael accidentally got burned, Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), and supported by his hardskinned mother Madeline Westen (Sharon Gless) and brother Nate (Seth Peterson). The episodes follow a 'villain of the week' format whilst each season has an arc based on Michael burn notice. 23 Seven seasons, and a TV movie (Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe) have come and all but gone with the final episode looming. This series has focused upon Michael's final mission, one which will earn his and his friends freedom, yet means he has to go deeper than he ever has since being burned. We have seen a darker side to Michael, from the opening to the first episode 'New Deal' which sees Michael portraying a cover as "an alcoholic ex-spy committing the occasional crime to pay the rent" in the Dominican Republic, all the while hunting a former colleague Randall Burke (Adrian Pasdar), the man who the CIA believe is at the head of a terrorist organisation. The seventh, and last, series has ended questions over the fate of 'Dead Larry' Sizemore (Tim Matheson) and even the diabolical anti-Michael, Simon Escher (Garret Dillahunt). Now it comes to the final episode and the fate of the main cast must be settled. For me the series could have continued further but these are four reasons why the show is right to call time.
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