Burn Notice: 4 Reasons Why It’s Right To End

4. Cost of Production

3 Okay, this is a very cynical point. Yes, I know it is not a thematic reason the show should end but a logical production-based reason. Last year the Miami City Commission decided that the studio was not paying an appropriate rent for its set at the old Coconut Grove Convention Centre, despite they were already paying $240,000 a year. The City Commission's Vice Chairman Marc Sarnoff has reportedly wanted to demolish the old Coconut Grove Convention Center for years to allow the construction of a waterfront park. The problem is, that's where the show films. In August 2012, the Miami City Commission and Burn Notice producers reached a tentative agreement to allow Burn Notice to film at the Convention Center for one additional year, allowing for a seventh season of production in exchange for significantly higher rent, $450,000, a price that will cover the demolition costs...plus taxes.
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