Can You Guess 100% Of The 80s References In Stranger Things?

This one will flay your mind...


Pop culture references are baked into the DNA of the Duffer brothers’ Stranger Things.

The Netflix hit was more or less pitched as ‘what if Steven Spielberg directed a Stephen King book’: to sell the idea further, Matt and Ross Duffer compiled a trailer from eighties movies using music from John Carpenter films. The pitch itself was a 23 page look book designed to look like an old eighties Signet sci-fi-horror paperback, cracked and dog-eared with time and love and filled with pictures clipped from stills of - you guessed it - eighties sci-fi and horror flicks.

That approach has continued all the way into Stranger Things 3, the current (and from all reports, penultimate) season of the show. Sometimes an homage is written into the script: sometimes it’s in the way a scene is shot, or in the production design, or in the use of a specific soundtrack or song.

We’ve limited this quiz purely to the eighties references in all three seasons of the show to date - some obvious, some that only a diehard fan and movie buff would get. We dare you to get 100% without a sneaky Google. We dare you.

Answers at the end!

1. Hopper’s New Look In Stranger Things 3 Is Inspired By Which Iconic TV Detective?


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