Community: 10 Best Ben Chang Episodes

9. Intro To Recycled Cinema

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Community. Yahoo! Screen

The plot for season six episode, “Intro To Recycled Cinema”, was as ridiculous as they come. Ben Chang achieves major Hollywood fame for his catchphrase in an advertisement for pork and goes onto work with the likes of Steven Spielberg.

We don’t really see a whole lot of Chang in this episode. His journey as a celebrity isn’t the focus. Instead, Abed is told to take old footage of Chang and turn it into a movie in order to sell it for a lot of money. Thus, a cult phenomenon is born.

The movie within a movie in this case is a parody of cheesy sci-fi tropes that centres around the same clip of Ben Chang talking on the phone. Some majestic editing work will turn that phone into a laser gun when it needs to be. The movie is beautiful and absolute trash. Abed hates it and so he should. But if we can’t get a Community movie, then at least give us the full version of Ben Chang’s debut film performance?

But what’s so funny? Ben Chang’s fame will capitulate as quickly as it began as he accidentally infuriates Spielberg himself and has to crawl through a cat flap to leave.

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