Community: 10 Greendale Classes We Would Love To Enroll In

Community It is virtually impossible to tell you how many times I have fallen asleep in class. While college/university is the time of your life, history, chemistry, and linguistics know how to zap the life force out of you. That is, if you have not enrolled at Greendale Community College. Community has had one tough semester after another as executives keep fans in fear of cancelling one of the funniest shows on television. The antics of the world's most dysfunctional study group: Jeff, Britta, Shirley, Pierce, Abed, Troy, and Annie have thrown every pop-culture, slapstick, too close to reality joke they can find. Parodying any medium, fad, or style of entertainment, Community presents a hilarious take on the life of college. So with college comes classes and Greendale is not your typical's not even sure to be a college. From campus wide paintball wars to puppy parades to drug-free assemblies gone horribly wrong, Greendale is sure to offer the oddest school experience you can pay for with cash. So with that in mind, I give you ten classes Community has to offer that we would love to participate in.
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