Community: 10 Greendale Classes We Would Love To Enroll In

10. Who Indeed: A Critical Analysis of Television's Who's The Boss?

2x20 Pic6 If you are reading this article then odds are you are a pop-culture nerd like me. Now, I may not be an expert on Who's The Boss but exchange that with any other show and I am all in. Abed, Greendale's favorite socially-broken pop-culture outcast, enrolls in this course. However, things get tense when Abed quickly overshadows the professor by answering the ultimate question: Who's the Boss? The professor denies such a claim, stating it is suppose to be unanswerable, but through calculations, formulas, and charts, Abed proves him wrong. Since binge-watching is a new pastime in the world, would it not be awesome to take a course analyzing Breaking Bad or Doctor Who where you may be able to finally answer questions like "what exactly is breaking in such a bad manner" or more importantly, "who is the Doctor"? A million questions, all swept up overnight.
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