Community: 10 Worst Things Abed Has Ever Done

9. Becomes A Mean Girl

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In Aerodynamic of Gender, the girls of the study group start taking a Women’s Studies course where they encounter a trio of stereotypical mean girls who tease them into the back of the classroom. When Abed tries to identify them, his ability to over-describe and find fault in them is revealed, which the study group girls relish in.

The girls quickly decide to use his descriptive powers for evil to turn on the whole school, as Abed “over-describes” the faults in all of their enemies. We even see Abed’s Robocop-like vision able to pinpoint every girl’s weakness and point of vulnerability. When the study group girls become drunk with power, Abed deems them “bitches” as well though, and turns on them. He begins pointing out not only their faults, but in something of a short-circuit, everyone’s faults. It’s a moment that leads him to surrender and provide destruct codes to the original mean girls for his own faults.

Now in fairness to Abed, he realizes what he did wrong here. Not only that, but he was very heavily pushed along the whole episode by the girls in the group. That being said, it’s pretty horrifying to see what everyone sees as the sweetest character on the show is in fact capable of. Without a dash of regret, he can destroy the feelings of the entire school with little thought.


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