Community: 10 Worst Things Abed Has Ever Done

The worst of Community’s most beloved character.

Community Abed
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Despite being a close knit group of friends the likes of which few TV shows have seen, the Greendale Seven have also had a pattern of less than caring behavior towards one another. Whether it’s hurt feelings or outright hostility, our Community gang do not always present themselves the way friends should.

And then there is Abed. He is the most beloved of the Greendale Seven, and the most pure-hearted of the bunch. After all, Britta outright calls him the group’s “innocent”. He is their purity, and their center.

Well, maybe not so much.

While Abed may be “innocent”, that does not mean he has not done some wildly questionable things. Abed sees the world through the lens of Abed, and it’s tough to gauge his intentions. However, the end results have consistently been pretty outlandish.

Sometimes his behavior is intentional cruel, other times it’s purely accidental. Even more often than that it’s just the result of him getting wrapped up in his own world with complete disregard for the actions and feelings of those around him.

Whatever the cause, the end result is the same: Abed has done some horrible stuff.

10. Charting The Girl's Menstrual Cycles

When Annie lost her pen in Cooperative Calligraphy, all hell broke loose. The group turned on each other, secret’s were exposed, and private moments were invaded. But hey, these things will happen over writing utensils.

In true NSA fashion it was decided they must go through each members belongings, and while searching Abed’s materials they find a notebook with each of the female members of the group’s names along with charts and calendars. After looking over the details of the charts they realize he is charting, with great accuracy, each of their menstrual cycles

They do allow Abed to explain himself, and he tells everyone that as he has trouble reading and understanding people, especially the three women of the group, he started charting the patterns of when he would say the wrong thing. He eventually realized he was charting something else, but kept charting it because the data was proving beneficial to the group as a whole. You even see how he uses the knowledge of what the data actually is when he hands chocolate to Annie when she starts to cry.

Now you could see this as Abed showing he cares and trying to help the group in his own strange quirky way. But still, pretty creepy, Abed.


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