Community: Ranking Every Halloween Episode Worst To Best

Holy crap, Leonard's a zombie!

Community Epidemiology
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It's finally spooky season! Which means it's the perfect time to wrap up warm, curl up with a pumpkin spice latte and put on some of the finest comedy TV of recent years.

Community may have finished over five years ago, but recently it's seen a huge uptake in viewers as we edge closer and closer to #sixseasonandmovie finally becoming reality. Viewers can't help but be sucked in by the meta-heavy humour, incredible character development and plenty of over-the-top specials.

Those intensely crazy episodes are a huge part of why fans love this show so much. No matter if it's paintball, Dungeons & Dragons or even a musical episode, there's always so much going on to keep viewers engaged. Then of course, there's the holiday specials. Not about to do things half-assed, Dan Harmon and his team of writers gave their all to make sure every holiday got the true 'Community' treatment.

While the show might have had its fair share of horrors behind the scenes, they thankfully saved the truly spooky stuff for the screen. Zombie outbreaks, drug fuelled rampages and lots of terrible costumes make the Halloween specials, well... special.

6. Honourary Spooky Episode: Regional Holiday Music

Community Epidemiology
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Sure, this is a Christmas episode, not a Halloween episode, but think about it for a second.

As Abed starts to panic about spending the holidays without his friends, the study group are interrupted by the glee club. Luckily for everyone with ears, Jeff had already planned a way to put a stop to things, but it wouldn't be long before his actions had terrifying consequences.

The glee club suffers a complete mental breakdown after Chang hits them with a cease and desist, leaving no-one left to head to regionals. This leads Mr Rad no option but to convince the study group to take their places, much to their dismay. As the episode rolls out, members of the group are 'infected' one by one by the spirit of glee while the others desperately try and escape their inevitable doom.

That's right. This is no happy, jolly Christmas episode. This is a full-on horror story hidden behind candy canes, fancy dress and singing. Even as the spell is broken, the episode has one last dark twist as Mr Rad cracks and finally admits he was the one who killed the original glee club.

Merry Christmas, huh?

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