Community Season 4: 10 Reasons You Must Watch

I wouldn€™t go so far as to label NBC€™s Community an undiscovered gem. Plenty have had the fortune of discovering it, though its fledgling ratings and lack of mainstream awards success may suggest otherwise. Critically, it€™s adored and so it should be. Focusing on a dysfunctional yet lovable group of misfits who shouldn€™t be allowed in the same room as each other let alone be friends, the show follows their lives and their experiences at Greendale Community College, expanding from a small remedial Spanish class into something larger and so, so beautiful. Its humour has something for everybody; each character represents something supremely different and its wonderful knack of alienating no one and everyone at the same time is a testament to the illogical absurdity that characterises Community€and it€™s one of the greatest comedies on TV nowadays. As Season 4 looms large, the show is in a massive transition; following the unceremonious (yes, I€™m slightly pissed still) sacking departure of creator Dan Harmon, the show has been downgraded to a 13-stint-episode run, usually a foreboding factor signalling the show may be on its final legs (note: since I wrote this, they've announced that they have no idea when they'll air Community and decided to replace cancelled Animal Practice with...Whitney...which has an audience apparently). It should be noted that I won€™t be picking out any main characters as they€™re all uniquely wonderful and each represent a reason to watch the show anyway. Please take my choices with an open mind and all complaints can be forwarded to my fictitious secretary. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Also, these are not in any specific order...
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