Crisis On Infinite Earths: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

Cosmic beings, Men of Steel and Batman himself; who were the real stars of the Arrowverse's Crisis?

The CW

The CW's collective universe of colourful superheroes has spent an awful lot of the past five years talking about this mysterious Crisis. Now all this talk about an event years (originally a decade) in the future might have seemed odd to the casual viewer, but to the comic book fans among them, we knew that it was undoubtedly a reference to Crisis On Infinite Earths - perhaps the single most game-changing event to occur in DC Comics history.

The Crisis took form in this season's annual Arrowverse crossover event, and if you didn't understand the magnitude of it already (though why wouldn't you?), there's a pretty good chance that you do now. After all, it's not just any event that requires seven paragons, a multiverse of heroes and three freakin' Supermen to tackle it now, is it?

Yes, it's true that Crisis On Infinite Earths introduced (and reintroduced) a number of major players in its bid to be bigger and better than ever before, allowing us all to fully appreciate the scope of just what was happening. However, with cameos, catastrophes and the whole Arrowverse cast (well, most of them), not everyone got their chance to shine. Let's find out who did...


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