Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9: 8 Times Larry David Was A Social Assassin

7. The 'C' Word

Larry David huge vagina

There's a point in every nascent relationship known as the 'C Word Threshold'. It's the moment when you know it's safe to drop the dreaded mauvais mot into regular conversation, without fear of disproportionate reprisal for what is, let's face it, a pretty ace vulgarism.

Attitudes to scheduling meetings for next Tuesday are somewhat more hysterical in America, where an abbreviated, rearranged 'coconut' is less a Level-8 swearword with only vague connotations to genitalia, and more a nuclear assault aimed squarely at the very concept of femininity. Safe to say, the 'C Word Threshold' is almost insurmountable in the States.

It's no surprise then, that jaws hit the floor when Larry casually proclaimed a fellow poker player a "c**nt" for his timidity in not going in with a round winning hand. The get-together - arranged to foster strained relations between Larry and HBO - forces the offended exec. to take a leave of absence, and scuppers any chances of the network hosting a new pilot in the process.

It wasn't Larry's first social faux pas thanks to the unutterable four-letter word. An unfortunate misprint saw his wife's deceased relative rendered something a little less touching than 'Beloved Aunt' - in a eulogy penned by Larry himself. Still, it's just a word.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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