Daredevil Season 2: 10 Things That Must Happen

10. The Kingpin's Revenge


Vincent D'Onofrio's interpretation of Wilson Fisk is one of the many high-points of Daredevil. His studied intensity practically burns up the screen at times, and the character is often so compellingly written and performed that he threatens to steal the entire show. That D'Onofrio manages this feat without resorting to scenery chewing is extremely impressive.

The close of season one seemed to show Fisk accepting his true nature as the villain of his particular story, with his "I am the ill intent" monologue in the final episode standing out as an expertly played character revelation.

Therefore, it isn't a stretch to assume that Fisk will return in season two, likely under his more well-known comic book moniker, The Kingpin Of Crime. He will be out for bloody vengeance against Daredevil, who beat him in a fist fight, outed him to the media as a criminal and led to his being arrested and thrown in jail at the end of season one.

The audience has already seen how Fisk reacts to not getting his own way (just ask Anatoly, the Russian gangster who met a sticky end in Fisk's car door for "embarrassing" him). If Fisk would do this to a business colleague, just what horrors can Daredevil expect?

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