Daredevil Season 3: 8 Things That Must Happen

8. Elektra's Return

This is less something that we really hope will happen and more something that is bound to happen, as Elektra's resurrection was teased by the final shots of season two. However, we also do really want this to occur. Not just because it would be a dramatic new complication in Matt Murdock's ever-problematic life, but also because it could go some way to fixing perhaps the biggest deficiency of the last season.

While Elodie Yung was terrific as Matt's wayward ex-girlfriend and the character was a fantastic addition to the series, the plot thread of Elektra being the mythical Black Sky - the living weapon that would apparently grant the Hand omnipotence (I think) - was unfortunately underdone and less than brilliantly executed. While we obviously haven't had all the information yet, the storyline still should have been able to stand on its own.

As such, if Elektra was resurrected in season three, we would get some further exploration of this somewhat half-baked plot thread and a chance to have it resolved. Largely, though, it would just be great to have more Elektra.


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