Death in 'Community' Says Joel McHale

On Sunday, star Joel McHale revealed that “a character from the show will die.”

It€™s been a while since we€™ve heard any Community news since it€™s mid-season hiatus. But on Sunday, star Joel McHale told TVGuide that €œa character from the show will die.€ Well that€™s pretty ominous. It is of course completely unknown who that character is, but according to McHale it is €œsomeone you see a lot. And he dies in the mid-afternoon.€ Well thanks Jeff, that really narrows it down. NBC has not yet announced a return date for Community, which still has a few episodes left to air from Season 3. Among these is a Law and Order type episode that will feature the characters trying to solve the mystery of the sabotaged science experiment. Maybe someone from Greendale will die then? Classes happen in the mid-afternoon, it must be someone in class. Community why must you do these things to us? The show is expected to return in the spring, but it could be a lot longer before we see any episodes, and it€™s future after that remains uncertain.

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