Dexter: 4 Possible Endings For Season 8

Dexter Season 8 After eight seasons, it's nearly time to pack away the plastic wrap and say goodbye to Dexter for good. Season eight has been somewhat of a disappointment, all sense of an end created by season seven has been undone by some terrible writing and some baffling creative decisions. Needless to say, however I, like many other fans, will stick it through to the bitter end, even if the season is not enticing in itself, intrigue is still high as to just how the programme will be brought to a close. Here's my look at 4 possible ways Dexter could be brought to a close, some of which would be incredibly disappointing, whilst others would be just the kind of ending we've always wanted...

4. Argentina

Dexter3 Let's just get this one out the way. With each passing episode I find myself more and more worried that Dexter and Hannah are going to escape by flying off together to Argentina. This week's episode further hinted at the pair escaping together and as a fan, I couldn't think of a worse way for things to be drawn to a close. As a character Dexter has become more and more stupid as the season as gone on and his affections for Hannah are getting in the way more and more. Whilst some fans have enjoyed the character development this season, many others, me included have found it mind boggling that the show would go down such a route. Hopefully this will all be put to bed before the last episode and we aren't left with some sort of frantic rush to escape from this pair.
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