Dexter: 8 Possible Fates for Dexter Morgan

It struck me when putting together my previous list (Breaking Bad: 6 Possible Fates for Walter White), how similar the two shows had become in their final runs, both shows ending next year in 2013- that is, of course, if the Mayans are wrong. Both shows started off very differently with entirely different concepts, but now, in their final two seasons (Breaking Bad's one season cut in half) it has pretty much come down to a game of cat and mouse with both our wonderful anti-heroes. The thing is though, with tragic tales such as these, and anti-heroes who have committed terrible crimes, TV shows very rarely show characters getting away with everything. Usually, shows give off the message, one way or another, that crime doesn't pay, and unfortunately for both Walter White and Dexter Morgan, this means that things unfortunately will very soon stop going their way. Since the very beginning, and specially all throughout Dexter's best season in season 2 we have been wondering how on earth Dexter will be able to get away with his crimes and continue to go unnoticed despite working for the very people who could very well stop him, dead or alive. With both Walter and Dexter, they probably should have considered not keeping their enemies so close, as this has so far been both of the characters downfalls- though many times it has proved advantageous to Dexter's "dark passenger" and having a brother-in-law working for the DEA has come in handy many times for Walter. The thing is though, "poor" Dexter is probably not going to get away with things for much longer, especially considering his sister Deb is Lieutenant and really should have reported her brother already when she discovered his terrible crimes. Will Dexter survive? Will Dexter go to jail? Will one of his closest friends do the deed? This list explores the eight most likely outcomes for Dexter by the shows end. Although I do not read the book series, I am guessing from the little I do know about them that by now the television series has swerved in a completely separate direction... but if not, please forgive me. I am assuming most of us who watch the show don't read the books, so if there is an answer, we are all in the dark anyway.
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