Dexter: 8 Possible Fates for Dexter Morgan

8. Debra Will Kill Dexter

If you have seen the latest episode of the series, this currently seems fairly unlikely, and admittedly Debra loves her brother and would much more happily hand him over to the police than kill him. That said, Debra has been very strict with Dexter as she should be so far in season 7, and although we hope for his sake he can quit his killing addiction, this is highly unlikely. If Debra was to find Dexter killing again, she would probably be a lot less kind to him. If it came down to the life of an "innocent" civilian or Dexter's own life, it would be her duty to shoot Dexter. Having said this, she would unlikely shoot to kill. This is a very unlikely option, however, I get the feeling that season 7 and 8 will very much explore Debra's and Dexter's relationship and really push both Debra and this relationship to its limits. Perhaps Debra will, by the end of season 8 have simply had enough of Dexter's habits, or will have no other choice. Very unlikely, though with my previous list, it was at the start of the series very unlikely that Jesse would ever kill Walter, but now not so much. If written well enough, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that a showdown between Debra and Dexter could be on the cards somewhere. Still, it's difficult to imagine at this early point. If Dexter simply can't quit his habit and flees the city or even the country, it may be up to Debra and her team to track him down and maybe, whether planned or not, Debra will be forced to shoot Dexter. Perhaps even, if for example Dexter was found out by the police, or he knew that it was only a matter of time, Dexter could even ask Debra to kill him, although she loves him like a brother (and more creepily like a boyfriend) so again, this is probably the option on the list which is at least the least likely at this current time. That said, a showdown between the two who also happen to be the two best and most interesting characters on the show would be the more thrilling end to the series. But this show doesn't have to end in Dexter's death.
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