Dexter: Every Main Character Ranked Worst To Best

Tonight's the night.


8 years of serial killing thrills and spills met a controversial end in 2013. Dexter had captured millions of imaginations, broken ratings records and bagged several awards by the time it wrapped. The way so many lost their minds over closing scenes was a testament to the passion it had once inspired in its fans.

Brimming with gore, dark humour, sick-minded antagonists and one of TV's most charismatic leading characters, the age of the TV antihero was still young and Dexter Morgan was its best and brightest. As wildly popular as Michael C. Hall's performance was, the power of the show's acting doesn't end with him. Bolstered by a colourful supporting cast, Dexter's bloodthirsty adventures played off cops, crooks, family and love interests masterfully.

With some of the highest highs and lowest lows in television history, the show remains a much-discussed modern classic. Recent news of a season 9 has been met with joy and intrigue. Countless viewers are hoping the upcoming extension can restore the series to its original glory. Thus far, only Dexter himself has been confirmed for new episodes. Given the entertainment value of the main cast, let's hope some of the surviving main cast members join him.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

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