Dexter Season 8: 5 Reasons It's Been Disappointing So Far

dexter Dexter has been TV€™s best serial killer for some time now. His on screen debut back in 2006 was met with warm responses and excluding the occasional blip along the way, the show has been hugely entertaining for its 7 year running time. Season Seven was a personal favourite of mine. The pressure Dexter was under from LaGeurta was one of the best storyline arcs we have been given through out the show and the conclusion to the season, despite being a little predictable set us up for what looked like it could be an explosive final series. Unfortunately something has gone wrong, Season Eight has moved along at a snail like pace and has lost a lot of fans interest already. The show has taken some bold moves creatively and it appears as though many of them are not paying off. Here€™s my look as to why season eight has disappointed so far. Note: This Contains Spoilers

5. Six Months Later€

One of the opening lines of dialogue for the season saw Dexter explain that Season eight was taking place six months after the end of season seven had finished. A baffling decision and one that has made the whole of season seven feel a little unnecessary. It has also give the writers an easy way to wrap everything up in a nice little bow before moving on to other, less interesting story-lines. I can€™t help but feel had we been given the chance to witness Deb and Dexter struggling to cope with the aftermath and attempting to cover stuff up it may have all felt a little more relevant when Deb went off the rails. Instead we just had to deal with Deb shouting at Dexter for a few episodes before everything went back to the way it used to be. Batista being forced out of retirement hasn€™t been touched on, Quinn€™s issues with the Koshkas has been ignored and whilst Hannah finally made a return in this episode (a sign of things to come hopefully) it seems odd no-one has mentioned the fact that a serial killer is on the loose.
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